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Considering a tale of two equal shares of Madden NFL 18

The draft of teams for NFL players make the devotees contradicted. Players are brought in the positions even though the team is currently potent. At the similar time, weaknesses are apparently bypassed. Devotees believe that some players come out at a position. There are actually no clues that interpret when their preferred ones have been […]

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Getting into the gameplay of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team presents the handmade fut 17 coins to the avid gamers that like to seize the upper hand in the very beginning of the game. Gamers are to qualify; rank up; reward; and replicate. The gamers of FIFA 17 Ultimate Team are to take part in the final way. The champions of FIFA 17 Ultimate […]

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FIFA 16 Coins Stealing: Top YouTubers Lost Thousands of Coins

Well-known YouTubers including W2S and NepentheZ have been targeted by criminals who gained access to their EA accounts to steal thousands of pounds worth of in-game currency. As well as stealing millions of “fifa 16 coins” the cyber-thieves also sold valuable players in the game’s Ultimate Team mode. The criminals are thought to have called […]

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