according to the official website of the nba 2k17 coins reported that Dirk

Beijing time on May 3, according to the official website of the Mavericks reported nba 2k17 coins Dirk – Dirk Nowitzki is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in NBA history, his career total score break this nba 2k17 coins, 30000 points, as Jabal, Malone, Kobe Bryant, Jordan and Chamberlain after the history of the sixth man. Can be with such a great future Hall of Fame star coexistence of a team, the mt 2k young players are feeling a lot of benefit. Dorian – Finney – Smith: “This is an honor, and he (Connaught King) in the field side by side fighting makes me feel very honful.When he completed 30000 nba 2k17 coins when the achievements, I am really happy with him Experience it all together.

Yukie – Ferrer: “It’s great to play with him, he has always asked himself, and knows the meaning of victory. If he yelled at you, it must be for encouragement and support It ‘s a very interesting nba mobile coins to play with him, and it’ s a lot more fun to be able to know how close he nba 2k17 coins than he knows through the outside world. Norrence – Noel: “It’s great to play with him, it’s an inspiring experience, especially after he’s done 30000 points. I’ve seen here we care about each other, each of us Hope that the other side can be successful, and hope to be as much as possible to pay each nba 2k17 coins.To and these guys together for me is an exciting experience, especially the existence of Dirk, his great and for a city up to 19 years of sticky let me move.

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he also expressed his confidence in the nba2kmt home game

“We went home with the opponent’s flattened ass …” said Kathy coach after the nba2kmt, but he also expressed his confidence in the next home game: “I believe our players, I know we can Reach another height before I ever met. In addition, Lori’s injury also led to the nba2kmt concerned, today he is the Raptors score the most players, but the third quarter due to an ankle injury had to leave nba2kmt, this small steel gun said: “(ankle “It ‘s really sour, it’ s painful, but I’m not going to complain. I’ll be ready for G3 despite receiving treatment.

As one of the Raptors in the backcourt, one of the knights in the Cavaliers under the nba2kmt, De Luo Zan feel cold today, the audience 11 vote only 2, get the first five of the least 5 points. “It was really bad today,” he said, “and today we have lost that, and I’ve done it, it’s rubbish and nba buy mt.” Cavaliers LeBron – James today played a dominant level of performance, sudden combination of attack and nba2kmt, and almost washed away all the Raptors defense. Lori spoke highly of James’s performance: “His performance is nba coins for sale legit, he played like LeBron – James game (that is, playing their own game style.) We must come up with let him beat us The way … it ‘s easier said than done.


Wall and Bill jointly led the 8-0 attack wave narrowing 2k mt difference

Wizards did not give up, the end of the start, Wall and Bill jointly led the 8-0 attack wave narrowing 2k mt difference, Thomas completed the layup to help the Celtics to stop bleeding, Bradley also hit layup. Bogdanovic came forward to become a 2k mt, he labeled 3 + 1 and then hit a third, but Horford performance to force, one person even get 7 points, the Celtics 106-99 lead 7 points. The second half of the fourth quarter into the third stage of the Biao stage, Bill even the two three points, but Brown and Claude were to respond, the Celtics always stay buy 2k17 mt. Repeatedly rush to make the Wizards lost 2k mt, Claude scored in a row, Horford also hit a jumper, Bradley hit three points, the Celtics lead to double digits. The game soon lost suspense, Wizards replaced the main announcement of surrender, the Celtics to achieve a major reversal to win.

The first game, Thomas in a defense around the cover was hit into the mouth, Thomas was knocked out of a 2k mt, he picked up from the floor of the falling teeth, followed by a three consecutive hit back to the opponent, Celtic People home full of boiling. Take advantage of the second season to start the rest of the time Thomas returned to the locker room for processing. The second quarter 7 minutes and 18 nba 2k mt points, Morris hit Horford 2k mt, but when he turned to an ankle pain fell to the ground, completed the penalty after Morris limped off to return to the locker room for treatment.


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