FIFA 17: James Explains What the Set Pieces Are

Among the many changes that will experience the new installment of FIFA, that of dead ball is one of the most significant. Each and every one of the actions has been reviewed and in some cases has substantially changed the way of executing them. Want to know where to get cheap fifa 17 coins? Check our site online you will get big surprise.

James, the master pieces.

Colombian Madrid player, who has participated as an advisor in the renewal of FIFA 17, is in charge of explaining to users all changes that have been introduced.

First are the direct faults, where you can now choose between different types of scrimmage, expanding exponentially types of launch? On penalties has been renewed shooting system also has in mind the speed and trajectory of the pitcher’s career. Now it will be possible to imitate the famous Zaza penalty in Euro.

Greater tactical possibilities.

As for indirect faults and corners, has introduced a new system that does is send the ball to a certain area, so the user has to seek either a direct kick, by movements of drag or blockage, or a second run with the arrival of second-line players.


Throw-ins were less worked played previous versions, in FIFA 17; the user will be able to move from the side to look forward runs or win a few meters, and even have the option to threaten the serve to deceive opponents.

Release date

FIFA 17 will be officially launched worldwide on Tuesday, September 27 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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qualifying for the weekend league

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weekending of football begins here

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temporary form and permanent class

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taking part on the largest stage

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FIFA 17 new content and play tells you what kind of experience!

FIFA 17 has been met with you oh, is not in the tense wasteland? Today, we brought the FIFA17 new content play and experience the feeling of the game, so that we feel, but also, and so on, like the “FIFA” players together to see it.

1, if able to endure, should go to 24, 25 or 26, and then began to experience, otherwise I like this does not know how to control the day, almost no time, dare to play, because of fear behind it is a few days of waiting.

2, 17 of the speed I hold a very real, people do better, but the ball, but feel down, with anyone who feels very heavy.

3, computer to protect the ball too hard, and I hit the ball legend computer, the rate can only reach about 30%; this is a direct result of my UT D10 in the Eredivisie single reclamation blocked, before the two had 1 flat 1 negative, this is for my 16UT and Season are hard on the D1 people can not accept a little bit; when Demo I was actually a legend, the impression only lost one game.

4, the shot is more demanding, Buddhism will try to adjust the pole, if like 16 to pull the joystick dead pushed aside the dead, the 17 is a partial.

5, the villain mode is more interesting, can not rely on the ability to shop in the store to buy skills, like some people brush the method before the villain, in this work has no meaning; villain basically performed hat trick, is 10 points.

Summary: 17 compared with 16 in the model although just added a story mode, but some skills tested in 16 in 17 in more or less restricted, especially SM, higher precision.

Whether it is the traditional model or villain, have greatly improved.

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