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into the District, received a warm response from the masses, each street town residents to actively participate in cheap fifa 18 coins initiative, consultation, forming a universal learning network cheap fifa 18 coins to atmosphere. ” The publicity and education activities not only in the network security during the week to carry out, in peacetime but also via SMS group in a timely cheap fifa 18 coins, etc., in a timely manner to push us early warning message, like the latest Internet fraud means that network transmission of false coin fifa rumor. “Yichuan Street cheap fifa 18 coins at the age of 69, according to Ms. Zhu said. Understanding of network security during the propaganda week, Shanghai 16 areas of more than 220 street town will cheap fifa 18 coins the network safety into the community, into the district activities, and further improve the residents of network security nba 2k18 mt coins and protection ability. National cheap fifa 18 coins Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the railway is expected to send 25 million 800 thousand passengers,

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Cassano: Di Bara is not better than Messi, Inter Milan is the champion

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According to the Italian transfer expert Peidula, Cassano said in a recent interview with the radio that he was withdrawn because it did not call and Verona.
The German team coach Loew said he supported the video referee in the future of the game on a large scale.

In an interview, Loew said: “I basically support the video referee, because many of the wrong penalties on the impact of the game are often decisive.

For Messi and Neumer’s comparison, Loew said: “Messi is an incredible player, Nei Maer is also very strong, a young man to deal with the transfer fee of 220 million, it is difficult to imagine things, but so far, His performance in Paris is as good as in Barcelona. ”

On the role of the national team coach, Loew said: “This is like the world’s best orchestra needs a command, the command is responsible for assigning tasks and to ensure smooth procedures, if each musician are fighting each other, then the music is not perfect But for the players like Croce or Ozil, I have nothing to teach them, and all their actions are automatically programmed.
“I do not call between Verona and I do not think it’s a crazy or frustrating move.” Cassano said, “It’s just like a woman’s love, she’s going, I gave up a lot of money, not everyone can make the same choice as me. ”

Cassano said:” My relationship with Verona is still very good,(Click to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
but I do not want to stay there, I do not want to own 35 Ten years ago, when I went to Real Madrid and Samp was able to feel the responsibility, but now I can not feel, I do not know in Verona can play to 100%. ”

” I think the greatest in history The player is Messi. “Cassano said:” Di Bala? He is very strong is true, but the only close to Messi is C Lo, you can not use a goal can not be compared with Messi ah. League title? I think it will be Inter, Spalletti coach too strong, he can maximize the development of the player’s ability, I am deeply experienced in Rome, when I and the club have some problems, so go to Real Madrid , But I had hoped to play more in his hands, I think we are all very special people. ”

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7.3 enhanced Sa empty light melting furnace two or three characteristics selection Raiders

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1. Overall choice ideas
T2 If you can select or compare the effect, select the priority of T3 below.
T3 if you can choose (that is, the characteristics of the middle), in reference to the following T2 priority to choose their own play
2.T2 choose ideas
2.1 Best features
(5.7) – your damage spells and skills have a chance to cause torture effect, in the 15 seconds to cause 8000 Shadow damage, can be superimposed 3 times. Continuous damage effect by the rapid addition, and can crit.
Holy Light (5.5 Defense) – Your Damage spells and skills have a chance to cause an additional 135,000 damage. Trigger rate by rapid addition.
Holy Light Infusion (5.4 Defense to) – Your Damage spells and skills have a chance to create an additional 101,000 points for holy damage. Trigger rate by rapid addition.
Shadow Link (5.2 Defense to) – Your Damage spells and skills have a chance to cause 200,000 Shadow damage and return 200,000 health for you. Trigger rate by rapid addition.
2.2 better characteristics
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Speed ??of light (4.9) – rapid increase of 500, moving speed increased by 500.
Killing intent (4.8) – when the anti-magic coalition reconciliation activation, your all-round increase of 1500.
Shock of Light (4.6) – When the anti-demon coalition reconciliation activation, your crit improved by 1500.
Chaos Dark (4.5 Defense) – Your Damage spells and skills have a chance to cause damage from 60000 to 300,000 Shadow damage and return the value of 60000 to 300000 for you. Trigger rate by rapid addition.
Shadow Master (4.2 Defense to) – Proficient in 500, dodge to improve 500.
2.3 does not recommend traits
Dark Sadness (1.8) – Your Damage spells and skills have a chance to break the target after 8 seconds, causing 133100 Shadow damage to the 8-range target. Trigger rate by rapid addition.
Refractive Shield (Defense) – There is a chance to trigger an absorption shield that absorbs 300,000 damage and lasts 10S.
Light hug (defense to) – injury has the chance to release hot (45500 treatment, sustained 6S), superimposed 5 times.
3.T3 choose ideas
Mud hammer – damage to lightning damage increased by 5% (monomer 1.3 / AOE3.2)
Blast blows – when the storm messenger resets the storm to blow the cooldown time, the attack speed provides 3% for 6S (2.5)
Aggregate vortex – stone fist extra offer 1 point vortex (2.1)
Windsurfing – Increases the wind anger by 5% (2.0)
Elemental Weapon – Petrochemical, Flame, Frozen Damage Increases 3% (1.7)
Lava cast – Lava punch damage increased by 3% (1.0)
Set the storm – each hit by the goal of lightning hit will make the next storm hit the damage increased by 2% (0.6)
PS if it is unfortunate, your T3 qualities for the defense to survive, then please give priority to T2.
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